About UsAn Overview of Msunk Consulting

  • Corporate Overview

    MSUNK Consulting Limited is a firm of Management & Information Technology Consultants focused on providing integrated, turnkey, technology and Management solutions to Public and Private sectors in Nigeria. We are structured into Management Consulting, Information Technology Consulting and Network Solutions. Within the period of its existence, MSUNK has grown more than 100% month on month since inception. This growth has been largely driven by repeated business from satisfied customers.

  • Our Cornerstone

    The cornerstone of MSUNK Consulting philosophy is a commitment to maintaining close personal contact with clients; identify partners’ products and culture tuned to provide the highest quality leading edge solutions. MSUNK Consulting has a firm belief in traditional professional values. At the same time, we pride ourselves on being commercially aware and forward-looking, always seeking innovative solutions to problems. This focus has helped MSUNK Consulting to develop the necessary expertise in identifying, training, developing, implementing and supporting solutions ranging from Accountancy, intranets, extranets, System Review, Enterprise Resources Management, Networking, data warehousing and analytics. In addition, MSUNK Consulting excellent training facilities and resource personnel are incomparable in the market.

  • Profession Excellence

    Our firm considers its reputation of profession excellence and integrity to be of paramount importance. It is our policy and has been our practice to work closely with our clients to help them determine and resolve those factors, which will affect the visibility and growth of their respective companies.

  • International Affiliates

    With commercial enterprise becoming increasingly global, our client enjoy access to the international market through our business affiliates (Sage Group and Softline Pastel) that have representation of Global business partners and Management/ IT consultants in over 85 countries spread across all the continent. Through our business affiliates, MSUNK can accesses up-to-date information about information services and commercial development throughout the World. Referrals are made with confidence since members are united by the same professional philosophy based on personal contact and quality of services.

  • Customer Care and Support

    MSUNK’s vision is to deploy integrated IT solutions, which will support and enhance our clientele business thrust. In addition to the well-qualified and experienced local resources, specialized resources are available from our foreign partner skill base. Excellent customer care and support is the bedrock of the group’s strategy. MSUNK has been structured to provide this with dedicated product support teams, online support resources and a support strategy designed to ensure continued customers support. Dedicated telecommunication channels are also provided to ensure continuous support contact

Our Process

  • Step 1 Assess

    Our needs assessment is a systematic process for determining and addressing needs, or "gaps" between current conditions and desired conditions or "wants". The discrepancy between the current condition and wanted condition must be measured to appropriately identify the need.

  • Step 2 Execute

    Our process refers to "holistic management" approach to aligning an organization's business processes with the wants and needs of clients. We use a systematic approach in an attempt to continuously improve business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology.

  • Step 3 Measure

    Our measurement process involves overall management system involving prevention and detection aimed at achieving conformance of the work product or service to your customer's requirements. Additionally, it is concerned with process optimization through increased efficiency and effectiveness of the process or product.

  • Step 4 Deliver

    Msunk Consulting Service Delivery anticipates and understands the needs of its customers, and offers receptive, responsive and prompt services, which enable Msunk Consulting to build profitable long-term partnerships with its customers. We operate a globally acceptable business services by partnering with the global business leads.

Why Choose Msunk Consulting?

  • Globally Acceptable Working Standards.
  • Accredited OEM Partnerships.
  • Excellent Customer Relationship.
  • Innovative Solutions to Problems.
  • Productive ERP Solutions Deployment.
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  • Msunk Consulting offers a range of product training solutions to ensure that you are proficient in the use of your Sage Pastel accounting software, ERP software, HR/Payroll software, or Business management software...read more

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